Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer™ is the first integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) design, analysis, optimization, and simulation software on the market.

As new needs and opportunities emerge in the UAV market, we are seeing the appearance of increasingly varied and innovative UAV designs. In this fast-changing environment, it is essential for UAV developers to innovate in a fast and agile way.

Typhon UDX is the first integrated UAV design software that enables an agile UAV development workflow. The software combines multidisciplinary real-time analysis methods within a user-friendly interface designed to cut development time and costs, while allowing the engineer to create more optimized and reliable fixed-wing, multicopter or VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) designs.

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  • Powerful multidisciplinary analysis: Typhon UDX focuses on real-time analysis of multiple disciplines, to allow the designer to explore many ideas quickly, and develop different aspects of the system simultaneously.
  • Flexible airframe design: Combine over 10 parametric component types to create arbitrary UAV designs raging from fixed-wing aircraft, to multicopters, to hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) systems such as tilt-body, tilt-rotor or tilt-wing designs.
  • Accelerated software development: Test and develop the actual flight control software and ground control station in conjunction with the simulation of a specific airframe.
  • Minimal learning curve: Great effort has been placed on making the software flexible yet intuitive and easy to use, minimizing the learning curve.


UAV / Drone design and simulation

Control Code Development

Easily develop customized flight control code for the UAV, or interface the simulation to third party flight control hardware or software.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Sensitivity Analysis

Predict how any performance parameter (cruise speed, range, endurance, payload capacity, aerodynamic efficiency, etc.) is affected as any design parameter (propeller, motor size, wing size, airfoil used, etc.) is changed.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Wing/Stab Optimization

Select the best size and shape for your wings and stabilizers given desired performance goals.  Study the effect of various airfoils on the performance of the aircraft.  Optimize control surface size and location for desired controllability.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Stability Analysis

Predict static/dynamic stability performance of the UAV.  Study how it is affected by center of gravity location, stabilizer sizing, and other design parameters.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Propulsion System Selection

Select the best off-the-shelf motor/battery/propeller combination for your UAV, given desired performance goals.  Gasoline or nitro engines can also be analyzed.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Mass Estimation Analysis

Obtain a first-order estimate of total weight of the UAV and center of gravity (COG) location, and how it is affected as any design parameter is changed. Study how to place components within the airframe to achieve desired COG location.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Aerodynamic Analysis

Predict aerodynamic performance of a UAV design and how it is affected by design changes.  Study interaction between wings and stabilizers.