Customized Simulation Solutions

At CQV we offer customized (OEM) simulation solutions for UAV developers looking to enhance their product line by providing their clients with a simulator of their particular UAS hardware and software.  The simulator can help end-users train on how to use the UAV systems and to plan aerial missions.


  • Simulate specific systems: The simulator can capture both the looks and performance of specific UAV airframes (fixed-wing, multicopter, or VTOL).  It can also interface to the actual flight control software or hardware used by the UAV, and work in conjunction with the ground control station software.
  • Customization based on the client’s requirements: Software name, logo and interfaces to external software and hardware can be adapted as required.  Additional software features can be added upon request.
  • Cost-effective solution: In most cases we can customize the OEM simulator at no upfront cost to the UAV developer.  Save time and resources by leveraging our expertise on UAV simulation.


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UAV / Drone design and simulation

Simulate arbitrary aircraft such as fixed-wing, multicopter and VTOL UAVs powered by electric motors or fuel engines.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Interface with 3rd party flight control code and hardware, or experiment with your own custom flight stabilization and autonomy codes through Python scripting.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Accurate simulation of the UAV performance under varying flight conditions, including the power system performance, flight dynamics, and control system behavior.

UAV / Drone design and simulation

Real-life environments are simulated through the use of satellite imagery and elevation data.