Typhon UDX is the first integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design, analysis, optimization and simulation software on the market, designed to minimize development time and costs of advanced fixed-wing, multicopter and VTOL UAV systems.

As new needs and opportunities emerge in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) market, we are seeing the appearance of increasingly varied and innovative UAV designs.  In this fast-changing environment, it is essential for UAV developers to innovate in a fast and agile way.

Unfortunately, UAV engineering tools have not kept up with advances in the technology.  There are few UAV-specific engineering tools available, the majority of which are cumbersome tools with very limited capabilities.  UAV developers and researchers often resort to writing their own analysis code, or use spreadsheets to perform manual calculations.  This translates into a rigid and time consuming process that stifles innovation.

Typhon UDX (UAV Design eXplorer) is the first integrated UAV design software that solves these limitations to enable an agile UAV development workflow.  Agile UAV development  dramatically cuts development time and costs, while allowing the engineer to create more optimized and reliable fixed-wing, multicopter or VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) designs.  

The key to Agile UAV development is the integration of multiple analysis disciplines such as mass estimation, aerodynamic analysis, and propulsion system analysis, into a user-friendly interface.  By employing fast engineering algorithms, the software is able to provide real-time predictions of aircraft performance and flight characteristics as the design is modified.  The user can simulate the flight of the aircraft, and use this simulation to develop customized flight control code.  The result is a powerful integrated development environment that allows the engineers to test and debug the UAV airframe and flight control code virtually, minimizing the prototyping and testing iterations, drastically reducing development time and resources.

ComQuest Ventures (CQV) has refined and validated Typhon UDX over years of research through the development of a series of advanced VTOL aircraft.  The software is now being made available to UAV developers, as well as research and academic institutions.   For more information, contact us today through the online contact form.