• Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer

    The first integrated UAV design, analysis, optimization and simulation software on the market

Introducing Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer

Unlock the power of agile UAV development

Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer™ is the first integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) design, analysis, optimization, and simulation software on the market.

As new needs and opportunities emerge in the UAV market, we are seeing the appearance of increasingly varied and innovative UAV designs. In this fast-changing environment, it is essential for UAV developers to innovate in a fast and agile way.

Typhon UDX is the first integrated UAV design software that enables an agile UAV development workflow. The software combines multidisciplinary real-time analysis methods within a user-friendly interface designed to cut development time and costs, while allowing the engineer to create more optimized and reliable fixed-wing, multicopter or VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) designs.

Licensing options are available for commercial and academic use. Contact us for more information on how to obtain Typhon UDX.


We offer various software solutions for UAV hardware and software developers, operators, researchers and educators. Click on the heading titles below to learn more about the particular software or service.

Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer Enterprise Edition

Design advanced UAV airframes and their control systems, including multicopter, fixed-wing, and hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Typhon UDX: The UAV Design Explorer Academic Edition

Learn and research about unmanned vehicles, aerodynamics and control systems through real-time aircraft simulations and rich visualizations.

Typhon DMX: The Drone Mission Explorer

Train to use specific UAS platforms, or plan and rehearse complex aerial missions through accurate simulation of specific UAV airframes, flight control code, and ground control stations on varying environmental conditions.

Customized Simulation Solutions

Would you like to provide your clients with a custom simulator for your particular UAV system?  We offer customized simulation packages tailored to specific UAV airframes, ground control stations, and flight control systems.

Our Clients


UAV Developers

Typhon helps UAV developers create more advanced and optimized UAV solutions while dramatically cutting development time and costs.

UAV Research Institutions

Typhon’s unique capabilities serve as a powerful tool to facilitate UAV-related research.

Academic Institutions

Typhon serves as a highly interactive and visual learning environment for aerospace engineering topics.

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