The XRay Tilt Racer


The XRay Tilt Racer is a miniature quadcopter with automatic tilt control that offers the ultimate high-speed first person view (FPV) experience.  With the optional wing adaptation, the XRay can transform into a VTOL aircraft that blends the flight characteristics of both a multicopter and an airplane.

Developed through the collaboration of CQV and Aimdroix LLC, it utilizes a patent pending asymmetric tilting mechanism for extreme maneuverability and acceleration.  The tilting mechanism is tough yet lightweight, and it also allows for the on-board FPV and high-definition cameras to always stay level during flight.

The XRay Tilt Racer is on sale now.  For licensing or adapting this aircraft to your needs, please use online contact form



Parameter Description
Size 225mm diagonal
Weight 420g without batteries
Tilting mechanism 7075 aircraft grade aluminum drive shafts and gears
Frame Carbon fiber