Introducing the Vertex VTOL Hybrid UAV

The practical VTOL UAV for enthusiasts and professionals

The Vertex Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone is a hybrid aircraft that combines the hover and Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities of a quadcopter, with the fast and efficient forward flight capabilities of an airplane into one awesome and versatile platform.

Total flight control

Freedom to take off vertically from almost anywhere,
hover in one place, fly low and slow in small fields,
or fast and aggressively in larger fields

The practical VTOL UAV

An elegant patent pending design that combines
excellent flight time and graceful flight
characteristics into a simple and portable platform

Versatile FPV and aerial filming platform

Get new aerial perspectives ranging from
slow shots to fast-paced action

Taxi and short takeoff demonstration

First prototype overview

Welcome to the VTOL UAV Era

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Precision engineered for high performance and usability

A Versatile UAV

The key advantage of the Vertex is its flight versatility. Take off and land vertically from almost anywhere, fly low and slow in small spaces, or fast and aggressively in larger spaces. Carrying out hover-only flight? Fly the Vertex without its wing extensions to reduce wind susceptibility and increase hover flight time. Multiple addons will be made available in the future to optimize the performance for different applications.

A High Performance Aircraft

The patent pending design was carefully engineered to combine hover and forward flight performance comparable to popular quadcopters and airplanes on the market. The Vertex can hover for around 20 minutes, or fly like an airplane for up to 70 minutes with the high-endurance wing configuration. The tandem-wing design minimizes the aircraft's size while maintaining its efficiency, and protects the propellers for added safety. It's designed to fly in high-wind conditions and carry up more than 1.3 pounds (585 grams) of payload.

The Practical Hybrid UAV

The Vertex comes fully assembled and requires minimal setup time to get off the ground. It is as rugged, portable, easy to use and maintain as your typical multicopter and airplane UAV combined. All the parts can be easily detached for repair or replacement. Detach the wings for easy transportation, or fully disassemble the aircraft within minutes to store it in the included transportation box.

The Dream Flying Machine

The control algorithms and reliable flight transition mechanism enable stable flight at any transition angle between hover and forward flight. This gives the pilot the flexibility of taking off vertically, precise maneuvering in small spaces, or fast forward flight in large areas. Activate the auto-level mode for ease of flight, or use the stabilization mode to have full control of the aircraft.

An Evolved Flying Camera

Easily mount a GoPro camera, brushless gimbal and FPV system to your Vertex and benefit from its flight versatility to take unique and exciting aerial videos.

Operates with Popular Flight Controllers

The Vertex uses a custom flight processor that interfaces with popular flight controllers to provide stable and controllable flight. VTOL UAV-generic control code is implemented in open-source platforms, while Vertex-specific code is handled by the custom flight processor. An inexpensive MultiWii controller is already supported, and we plan to extend support to OpenPilot's CC3D and all popular open-source flight controllers. Full-flight autonomy capability will also be developed in the future.