UAS Consulting Services

Benefit from our aerospace engineering tools and expertise to significantly reduce UAV development time and costs.

Our team has extensive experience developing customized hardware and software for multicopter, fixed-wing, and VTOL-type UAV systems based on client specifications.   CQV is the only UAV consulting service provider that can leverage the power of the Typhon UDX aerospace engineering software to provide UAS design and analysis services at minimal cost and time.  We also count with rapid prototyping capabilities that enable quick iterations and continuous refinement to accelerate the development process.


The consulting services we offer include:

  • Creation of new, customized UAS solutions based on client specifications
  • Assisting in solving technical UAS hardware or software issues
  • Optimization, modification and improvement of existing UAS solutions
  • Developing customized flight control code (PX4, ArduPilot, others)
  • Simulation-based planning of complex UAS missions
  • Creation of customized simulation software for specific UAS platforms
  • Helping customers find the right partners and clients for their UAS products, especially within the United States, Japan and Asia


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