Happy new year to everyone,

We start 2015 by revealing a full performance report for the Vertex development prototype.  Plus, we have also released a new flight video showing us having some fun with the early Vertex prototype, demonstrating a quick takeoff and climb, and effortless transitions between forward flight and hover.

Which packaging option do you prefer for the Vertex?  Plug and play (includes installed motors and speed controllers), or almost ready to fly (does not include motors or speed controllers).  Both come fully assembled and include everything required to get into the air quickly, except the receiver and transmitter, batteries, and flight controller.  You can tell us your preference by filling this short survey, which includes a bonus video.

Your comments are very important to us and we invite you to share your impressions so far, what you like and dislike, what could be done better or any ideas you’d like to be implemented in this or future projects.   You can leave a comment under this post, on our Facebook page, or contact us directly.

– The CQV Team