ComQuest Ventures LLC (CQV)

CQV is an aerospace research and development company that focuses on the creation of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technologies and design tools. CQV works closely with commercial partners and other organizations to license and commercialize these technologies.


CQV is able to create innovative and customized UAV solutions with minimal time and resource investment by leveraging various unique and proprietary design, prototyping and manufacturing tools and methods.

  • Vertex Vertical Takeoff and
    Landing (VTOL) UAS

    A practical UAV system that combines the vertical takeoff capability of a multicopter with the increased range and speed of an airplane to provide superior capabilities for tasks such as precision agriculture and aerial surveying.

  • Advanced UAV Design and
    Analysis Tools

    Typhon UDX and Typhon Sim are advanced engineering software for the analysis and design of UAV systems which allow CQV to arrive at highly optimized designs with minimal time and resource investment. The software are also licensed to third parties for research, development and educational uses.

  • UAV Rapid Prototyping and
    Manufacturing Methods

    CQV has developed a number of proprietary methods and tools to create UAV prototypes quickly and efficiently by leveraging new additive manufacturing machines and other computer-controlled manufacturing methods. These same methods can be used to manufacture high-quality UAV products at low cost.

Vertex Tilt-rotor VTOL Test Flight