• Advanced UAV Design Software

    Leaders in the creation of multidisciplinary UAV design, analysis and simulation software for enterprise customers

ComQuest Ventures LLC (CQV)

CQV is an aerospace R&D company that focuses on the creation of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) design tools and technologies.

We are the creators of Typhon UDX, the leading multidisciplinary UAV design tool in the market which is available for licensing to organizations for commercial, research, development and educational purposes.

We also offer UAV design consulting services and proprietary VTOL aircraft licenses to our partners.


CQV is able to create innovative and customized UAV solutions with minimal time and resource investment by leveraging various unique and proprietary design, prototyping and manufacturing tools and methods.

Advanced UAV Design and
Analysis Software

Unlock advanced UAV solutions while reducing time and resource investments through the use of powerful design, analysis and simulation tools.

UAV Design Consulting Services

Benefit from our expertise on the creation of advanced UAV airframes and customized stabilization, control and autonomy code through consulting services.

VTOL Drone Design Licensing

A catalog of optimized VTOL UAV designs are available for licensing to UAV developers and manufacturers. Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs offer performance similar to fixed-wing UAVs while maintaining the practicality of multicopter UAVs.


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